National Safety Month | Berglund Construction’s Key Safety Initiatives

To celebrate National Safety Month, our Director of Safety and Quality, Dwayne McKenna, has compiled a list of safety measures that can be used to create a culture where safety is everyone's top priority. Our impressive EMR of 0.47 is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team and trade partners who continue to ensure our job sites are safe.

Key Safety Month Initiatives

  1. Safety Training and Education
  • Daily Safety Huddles: Short, focused meetings at the start of each day to discuss specific safety topics and address any immediate concerns.
  • Focused Trainings / Workshops: In-depth sessions on critical safety procedures, hazard recognition, and emergency response.
  • First Aid and CPR Certification: Offering certification courses to ensure more team members are prepared for medical emergencies.
Safety Audits and Inspections
  • Weekly Inspections: Increased frequency of job site inspections to promptly identify and mitigate hazards.
  • Third-Party Audits: Engaging external safety consultants to provide an objective assessment of our practices and suggest improvements.
  • Equipment Checks: Regular maintenance and safety checks on all equipment to ensure it is in optimal working condition.
Active Employee Engagement
  • Safety Suggestion Program: Encouraging employees to submit safety improvement ideas, with rewards for the best suggestions.
  • Good catch / Near-Miss Reporting: Simplifying the process for reporting good catches / near-misses to find potential hazards on projects before they result incidents.
  • Safety Committees: Forming committees that include representatives from all levels to discuss safety concerns and initiatives.
Effective Communication
  • Safety Bulletins: Weekly emails and posters highlighting safety tips, success stories, and areas for improvement.
  • Open Forums: Regular meetings where employees can voice safety concerns and suggestions directly to leadership.
  • Feedback Loop: Ensuring reported issues are promptly addressed and employees are informed of the outcomes.
Leadership Commitment
  • Visible Leadership: Executives and managers actively participating in safety meetings, job site visits and trainings.
  • Resource Allocation: Ensuring that necessary resources are available to implement and sustain safety initiatives.
  • Safety Awards: Recognizing and rewarding teams and individuals who exemplify outstanding safety practices.

Our goal is not just to maintain our current safety standards but to continuously improve them to assure we all go home to our families at the end of the day. Safety is not a one-time effort but a daily commitment that requires vigilance, dedication, and collaboration by all. Let's use this Safety Month as an opportunity to learn from each other, as industry leaders, and ensure our teams get home safe every day. Safety starts with us!