State of Ohio
Ohio State Office, Rhodes Tower Restoration
The State of Ohio hired Berglund to restore the granite façade on the 41-story Rhodes Tower. During the course of the work, Berglund is performing a variety of repairs to the granite panels and their underlying structure.
Project Overview

In 2017, the State of Ohio hired Berglund to restore the granite façade on the 41-story Rhodes Tower. At over 600 feet, it's the tallest building in Columbus. The work will address structural stability, rain control, air control, heat control, vapor control and finish. It involves a variety of building envelope issues, both interior and exterior work involving exterior cladding, water infiltration, air barriers, insulation and replacement window/glazing assemblies. Further, the work will address replacement strategies and coordination of the work with the existing HVAC building systems.


The owner’s team brought Berglund onto the project early as part of a design-assist effort that includes hands-on inspections throughout the façade, offsite mock-ups of the proposed granite installation, drawings of conceptual repair procedures and details, 3D logistics plans, and phasing, scheduling and budgeting exercises to develop a GMP. Site Utilization Planning was performed to communicate site logistics to the owner, allowing for an informed conversation surrounding public safety implements. BIM was utilized to generate virtual mock-ups, which demonstrate the means by which we intend to safely replace heavy stone cladding from a suspended position.

The final repair scope will require resetting and repairing several hundred granite units, weighing up to one ton each. Berglund tradespeople will self-perform all the granite work, which is expected to span three years.