University of Chicago Cobb Lecture Hall Clock Reinstallation

As one of the first University of Chicago buildings completed and most expensive building on campus, Cobb Lecture Hall holds a significant presence on campus. Modeled after the Gothic style featured on many of the Oxford University campus buildings and designed by Henry Ives Cobb, the historical building not only holds classrooms and offices but a general recitation hall and a chapel.

Last summer Berglund Construction removed an integral part of the building, the clock which is located on the east facing side of the building. For the past 35 years, the clock has not been seen by anyone due to the ivy that grew over it. When Berglund worked on the façade of the building during the summer of 2017 the clock was removed and restored to its original state when first constructed in 1892. After its restoration and just this week, Berglund reinstalled the clock to the historical Cobb Lecture Hall Building.