La Rabida Mission Moments

La Rabida Mission Moments

"It’s no secret there’s been construction going on throughout the S.S. La Rabida. Berglund Construction, though, have become part of our family. Today for Halloween they gifted our nurses with hard hats and construction vests. In exchange our nurses gave them “Honorary Registered Nurse” badges.

"[We organized this] just to show the relationship we have with the nurses," says Sabrina O'Neil, a Berglund construction worker who helped organize the Halloween exchange. She says it’s not often that construction workers are so welcomed during a big project.

"Being a small hospital, everybody knows everybody. Everybody here is okay with us being here. The relationship we built with everybody is just nice."

La Rabida Mission Moments are a weekly series that highlights the mission of La Rabida. Featuring moments of success, joy, and achievement, La Rabida Mission Moments remind us of the amazing work happening every day.

“[We organized this] just to show the rela­tion­ship we have with the nurses”

Sabrina O'Neil

Laborer Foreman