Berglund Sr Estimator Joins Duneland Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

Berglund Construction, a leading force in the construction industry, is pleased to announce that Chris Savoia, Senior Estimator at Berglund, has been appointed to the Board of Directors for the Duneland Chamber of Commerce. This significant role reflects Chris's commitment to the local community and his dedication to contributing to its economic development.

As a resident of Chesterton, Ind., Chris Savoia not only works but lives in the community, making his involvement with the Duneland Chamber of Commerce particularly meaningful. He operates from Berglund's Chesterton office, overseeing estimating and preconstruction efforts with exemplary leadership and expertise.

With a profound understanding of the building and construction process, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge that will prove invaluable to the Chamber's economic development initiatives. His strategic insights and industry acumen position him as a valuable asset in fostering growth and prosperity in Chesterton and its surrounding areas.

Chris is spearheading preconstruction services for the $40 million Duneland YMCA project, the largest development in downtown Chesterton's recent history. His role in this project exemplifies his commitment to enhancing the local infrastructure and community well-being.

Chris Savoia's appointment to the Duneland Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors opens new avenues for collaboration and partnerships between Berglund Construction and other businesses in the area. This strategic move aims to maximize the positive economic impact of Berglund’s efforts on the broader business community.