Berglund Construction Completes Pioneering Renovation at Acadia Healthcare’s Montrose Behavioral Health Hospital

Berglund Construction, a leader in building and renovation services, has proudly announced the completion of its latest project: the comprehensive renovation of Acadia Healthcare's Montrose Behavioral Health Hospital in Chicago. This project, led by a skilled team including Ted Reichert, Brian Vollman, Damian Perez, Gary Sproule, and Vic Emigh, marks a significant milestone in enhancing healthcare facilities in the region.

The renovation project focused on updating a 1960s-era adult facility, transforming it into a state-of-the-art healthcare center. Berglund's team expertly managed the overhaul of the facility's mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection (MEPFP) systems, and adherence to modern standards. This extensive work has revitalized a vital community asset, ensuring it meets the contemporary needs of patients and staff.

Preconstruction efforts played a critical role in the project's success. Berglund's team engaged in detailed investigative work and target value cost analysis, working hand-in-hand with Acadia Healthcare from the outset. This collaboration extended to the design team, ensuring a seamless integration of new features with the building's historical significance.

"Berglund's commitment to excellence was evident throughout the project," said Ted Reichert, Project Executive/Director of Healthcare at Berglund. "Despite encountering numerous unforeseen conditions in this historic facility, our team, along with our design and trade partners, managed to adhere to the timeline, delivering the project on schedule for Acadia Healthcare."

The project's scope extended beyond the adult facility, encompassing the renovation of a small outpatient care center and a children’s pavilion. These improvements are part of Berglund's dedication to enhancing healthcare infrastructure across Chicago, providing communities with facilities that are not only functional but also conducive to healing and wellness.

The completion of the Montrose Behavioral Health Hospital renovation stands as a testament to Berglund Construction's expertise in managing complex healthcare projects and their commitment to revitalizing Chicago's healthcare landscape.

Led by Ted Reichert with Brian Vollman, Damian Perez, Gary Sproule and Vic Emigh