Building Restoration
We help you plan your restoration project, setting budget parameters and offering the option of a guaranteed maximum price. Single-source maintenance and repair, backed by Berglund’s warranty, means your investment will remain safe and impressive for future generations.
Berglund has been restoring historic structures throughout the Midwest for over a century. We understand that there is a difference between repaired and restored masonry.

Restoring The Past

We have an inherent appreciation for historical importance and a commitment to preserve the past and bring history’s beauty into the future. For both preventive maintenance and repair of damaged structures, Berglund Construction is the premier single-source expert.  Our expertise and reputation as a leader in the building restoration industry allows us to provide invaluable knowledge and oversight to any project.

Berglund Construction Company was awarded the Kenosha County Courthouse & Molinaro Building Restoration Project.  The Kenosha County Courthouse is a fully operational County Courthouse, with multiple Courtrooms, Jury Selection Rooms, the County Clerks Office, County Judge's Offices and IT Staffing.  The Molinaro Building currently serves as the Kenosha County District Attorneys Office, as well as a holding area for Pre-Trial and is also where the Facilities Department for both buldings is located.

Berglund Construction was the General Contractor for the project and self-performed all masonry, sealant & concrete restoration and carpentry.  The project included 100% parapet wall reconstruction & limestone facade restoration, 100% grinding & tuckpointing, 100% exterior window & door sealant replacement, 100% facade cleaning, removal and replacement of the buildings roofing system, doors, windows and skylights, including removal, modification and upgrade of the HVAC systems, 100% restoration of all entrances into both buildings, as well as restoration of the existing exterior light fixtures and handrails.  All work was completed during normal working hours, and was coordinated daily to prevent noise issues that would impact normal building operations, pedestrian & traffic flow, as well as security management.

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