Waukegan Carnegie Library
Waukegan Carnegie Library Restoration
Explore Berglund Construction’s extensive restoration of Waukegan’s Carnegie Library. This project encompasses a holistic approach, including façade rejuvenation, tuckpointing, masonry repairs, concrete restoration, and detailed refurbishment of windows, doors, and wood trim.

Project Overview

Berglund Construction is dedicated to revitalizing the esteemed Carnegie Library in Waukegan, a place of significant historical importance. The project commences with a thorough examination of the library's facade, focusing on precise tasks like tuckpointing, masonry repairs, and concrete restoration. This ensures both structural integrity and visual appeal. Windows, key elements of the library, will be meticulously restored, preserving their original charm. Wood trim, an essential aesthetic component, will be carefully refurbished or replicated, honoring the library's original craftsmanship.

The project goes beyond the facade, integrating modern systems for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection. This harmonizes contemporary functionality with historic elegance. To enhance accessibility, an elevator and ADA-compliant access points will be installed, ensuring inclusivity. Performance upgrades include a durable roofing system, an air barrier for weather protection, and waterproofing and insulation measures for longevity. The exterior will be adorned with thoughtfully selected landscaping, and safety will be ensured with a temporary earth retention system. New concrete stairs and walkways will not only facilitate accessibility but also echo the library's timeless elegance. Berglund Construction's restoration of the Carnegie Library is a testament to preserving history while welcoming the future.