Vista Homes Building Corporation
Vista Homes Front Facade Rehabilitation
Berglund Construction’s involvement in the Vista Homes project successfully tackled a variety of building upgrades, from fixing masonry to enhancing roof safety, highlighting their commitment to both the building’s look and its sturdiness.
  • Project Type
    • Restoration
  • Status
  • Delivery Method
    • Lump Sum
  • Services
  • Location
    • Chicago, IL
  • Duration
    • 8 Months
  • Architect
    • Revive Architecture LLC

Project Overview

Berglund Construction's facade enhancement project covered a range of repairs and upgrades, including masonry, flashing, and lintel repairs on the east elevation and courtyard, and the installation of limestone dutchman and replacement panels at ground level. Window perimeter sealants were removed and reinstalled, with Terra Cotta elements undergoing replacement, patching, and coating. The project also included repainting of steel handrails and significant roof work, involving the installation of new OSHA-compliant tie-back anchors and comprehensive roof repairs.