Trinity High School
Trinity High School Link Addition & Courtyard Renovation
Trinity’s project connecting an existing school building to a larger gym via a link and elevator tower has been completed. Despite challenges, the project team navigated obstacles while maintaining communication with the occupied school. Additional work, including a new Maker Space lab and ADA access, has also been completed.
  • Project Type
    • Building
  • Status
  • Delivery Method
    • GMP
  • Services
  • Location
    • River Forest, IL
  • Duration
    • 10 Months
  • Size
    • 10,000 sqft
  • Architect
    • Wight & Company

Project Overview

This project involved connecting a single-story building to a four-story elevator tower to provide enclosed ADA access to the school’s larger gymnasium. The buildings were previously detached and built at different elevations, and exterior openings were made at each floor to the existing school, with adjacent hall and room renovations. The project required upgrades to the site power, enhanced life safety systems, and the installation of fire-rated glazing and coiling fire shutters in adjacent occupied classrooms. The building finishes included specialty fixtures, poured terrazzo flooring, terrazzo tile, and EIFS cladding on the exterior. A complete courtyard renovation was also performed, and a new “Maker Space” lab was built out. Additional ADA access measures were implemented in the school, including a new opening within the auditorium.