400 East Randolph Street
Recladding Pool
Berglund assisted in the restoration of the swimming pool at 400 East Randolph Drive, enclosed by a geodesic dome made of laminated glass triangles.

Project Overview

The swimming pool at 400 East Randolph Drive was enclosed by a geodesic dome that consists of triangular pieces of laminated glass supported by aluminum mullions that are supported on circular tubes that span in two directions between steel angle supports. The base of the dome was supported by a concrete curb. Perimeter eyebrows, one on each of four elevations of the dome, are clad with a steel sheet metal fascia with stucco soffits.

The existing steel cladding has corroded in many locations, particularly along the bottom crimped edge. The work to reclad these areas consists of cutting off the bottom crimped edge and all other deteriorated portions of the existing metal fascia, and installing a new stainless steel fascia.

Some concrete deterioration was developed in the concrete curb at the bases of the vertical steel supports between the windows. Work to address deterioration of the concrete curb included repairing the deteriorated portions of the curb and coating all exposed portions or concrete with an elastomeric coating.

Additional items of work include removing existing sections of railing around the perimeter of the dome and painting the exposed steel and stucco surfaces at the perimeter of the dome.