St. Anthony of Padua Church
Limestone Masonry Restoration
Our engagement involved a meticulous restoration of the limestone masonry on the church’s bell tower and the two steeples that flank its primary entrance.
  • Project Type
    • Restoration
  • Status
  • Delivery Method
    • Lump Sum
  • Services
  • Location
    • Kenosha, WI
  • Duration
    • 10 Months
  • Architect
    • Insite Consulting Architects

Project Overview

Established in 1910 to serve Slovakian immigrants seeking refuge from poverty and war in Austria-Hungary, St. Anthony of Padua Church, located in Kenosha, WI, represents a historic beacon of solace. The current structure, dedicated during the Great Depression, stands as the second place of worship utilized by the church throughout its storied history.

Our extensive restoration efforts focused on the meticulous rehabilitation of the limestone masonry on the church's bell tower and the two stately steeples adorning its principal entrance. This comprehensive project included the replacement of all existing ornamental cast stone components with pristine limestone counterparts to ensure an exact match. Furthermore, a significant number of lannon stone units showing significant deterioration were systematically replaced. As part of the meticulous restoration, we also undertook the essential task of tuck-pointing all masonry joints using natural hydraulic lime, embodying our dedication to preserving the architectural heritage of this cherished place of worship.