H. Kramer Foundry
H. Kramer Foundry Barrier Wall Demolition
Berglund Construction was contracted to install a stick-built metal wall within an operational metal foundry at H. Kramer.

Project Overview

Berglund Construction was hired to erect a stick-built metal wall inside an active metal foundry at H. Kramer on the near southwest side of Chicago. The purpose of the wall is to separate a portion of the existing building off from the rest of the foundry so H-Kramer can remain operational during demolition and new construction project for a new crucible to be installed. Due to the long term schedule of the new construction project and the mandatory environmental regulations, H-Kramer must adhere to, the metal wall had to be engineered to withstand high wind loads and maintain the negative air pressure of the existing foundry that was to remain operational. The wall at it highest point reached 36’, the average height of the wall is 27’. The wall was constructed out of 14-gauge steel studs with lateral steel angle stiffeners and angled shoring arms constructed out of rectangular tube steel. The structure was then cladded with 14-gauge corrugated sheet metal panels. Scissor lifts and chain falls were used to lift all the items into place and attached to the roof and floor of the existing foundry.