Gold Eagle Company
Gold Eagle Corporate Headquarters Expansion
A modern and dynamic workplace better meets the needs of Gold Eagle office and factory production staff while attracting a new generation of talent.
  • Project Type
    • Building
  • Status
  • Delivery Method
    • Construction Management At-Risk
  • Services
  • Location
    • Chicago, IL
  • Duration
    • 10 Months
  • Size
    • 20,000 sqft
  • Architect
    • Shive-Hattery
Project Overview

A world-class producer of premium fuel and engine cleaners and additives, Gold Eagle maintains corporate headquarters for its office staff and factory production in the same Chicago building. The company had outgrown its existing headquarters and engaged Berglund to construct a 10,000-sqft addition to accommodate their expanding workforce. Gold Eagle also decided to upgrade 10,000 sqft of its existing building to provide a modern and dynamic workplace that would aid in attracting new employees.


Gold Eagle maintained its ongoing operations throughout construction. To accommodate this necessity, Berglund worked closely with Gold Eagle to phase construction to minimize disruption. The 10,000-sqft office addition was partially constructed on a former parking lot.

The addition balanced the use of new industrial materials with the existing yellow brick to create a modern but unified facade. A cantilevered canopy highlights the new main entry and indigenous landscaping lines the new addition.

To ensure the building's functionality met the needs of different departments, we collaborated closely with several Gold Eagle department heads to understand their unique work requirements. We built new private offices for the company's directors in the center of the building, which provided more natural lighting for the surrounding open office spaces. New conference rooms feature cutting-edge audiovisual technology that allows headquarters to easily meet with remote employees. The project also included a new break room, updated bathrooms and a secure lobby.


The new project resulted in a more flexible and efficient workplace for current employees. Marc Blackman, the company's CEO, said the headquarters transformation will also help attract a new generation of talent to his firm.

"We had to make this an environment that was not only safe, clean and comfortable as it's been in the past," he said, "but also make it very dynamic and something that attracts people and makes them impressed with the kind of company that we are."

Gold Eagle continued to use the existing building during con­struc­tion, so we worked closely with Gold Eagle to phase the project to minimize our impact on their operations.”

Chad Todhunter

Project Manager