Chicago Housing Authority
Elizabeth Woods and Trumbull Admin Facade Repair and Restoration
Berglund Construction transforms spaces with comprehensive renovations, expertly tackling everything from concrete and masonry to advanced HVAC and electrical upgrades, ensuring lasting durability and aesthetic excellence.
  • Project Type
    • Restoration
  • Status
  • Delivery Method
    • Lump Sum
  • Services
  • Location
    • Chicago, IL
  • Duration
    • 12 Months
  • Size
    • 12,000 sqft
  • Architect
    • Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.

Berglund Construction has completed an extensive repair and renovation project, which included concrete repairs in ceilings, precast structures, and balconies, especially in exposed aggregate areas. Coping stones were salvaged, while brick and steel structures underwent demolition and reconstruction with new flashings and bricks. The project also entailed painting, roofing, sheet metal work, and updates to HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems. Enhancements included installing glazing, AC units, sealants, and insulated metal panels. Finally, balcony coatings were applied, and the precast concrete was power washed and treated with water repellent for lasting durability and aesthetics.