JP Morgan Chase Bank
Chase Tower Storefront Refurbishment
Built-in 1969, Chase Tower is a 60-story skyscraper located in Chicago’s central Loop. In June of 2016, JPMorgan Chase selected Berglund Construction to provide preconstruction services for the Storefront Refurbishment Project at the building.

Project Overview

Chase Tower, built in 1969, is an established icon in the heart of Chicago’s Loop. The 60-story skyscraper, with its expansive public plaza and soaring light-filled lobby space, has been a bustling hub at the heart of Chicago for decades. The ground level interior lobby space and bank branch function as an extension of the exterior plaza, with over 7,000 visitors passing through on a typical day.

In 2016 Berglund was selected as Construction Manager to repair and refurbish the storefront window system that encloses that lobby and bank branch. The storefront repairs extended from ground level to approximately 60’ high and addressed the entire perimeter of the building (approximately 800LF). The intent of the project was to address a range of issues, including replacement of all glazing units with new higher performing IG units, repairs to the underlying steel and concrete structure, refurbishment of the original bronze cladding, repair/replacement of the revolving and swing doors, and repairs to the sill flashing and waterproofing at the base of the system.


In our role as Construction Manager, Berglund collaborated directly with the owner and architect during preconstruction to establish a GMP, refine repair scope, establish project-specific Quality and Safety programs, identify and contract with responsible trade partners, and develop a project schedule and logistics in alignment with the building’s operations.

Development of the schedule and logistics, in particular, established that the project would need to be phased to maintain proper flow of people throughout the building during construction. The overall construction duration of 32 months also relied on having a robust engineered enclosure system that ensured that the work and building functionality could be maintained over multiple seasons without impact by weather.

Additionally, Berglund self-performed multiple work scopes on the project, which offered budget and schedule efficiency as well as enhanced quality control. The self-perform work scopes included installation and maintenance of the enclosure system, structural concrete repairs, and granite paver removal and reinstall.


Berglund has had the privilege to complete several high-profile projects at Chase Tower, and the Storefront Refurbishment project represented another opportunity to offer high quality service and project delivery to a valued client.