Valstone Partners
Beggs Building Façade Repairs

Project Overview

The Beggs Building, a prominent 15-story structure situated in downtown Columbus, Ohio, underwent a comprehensive façade restoration project. Originally built in 1928, the building featured terra cotta cladding, with later additions in 1998 adorned with Stone Aggregate Panels. Berglund spearheaded the restoration efforts, entailing the meticulous removal and responsible disposal of the outdated stone aggregate panel cladding. To remedy the failed cladding façade, an Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) was meticulously installed. The project encompassed the implementation of new wet seals for the multi-story sloped glazing system and windows at punched openings. Additionally, Berglund executed mortar repointing, crack repair, and selective replacement at the terra cotta façade as deemed necessary. The undertaking was facilitated through the utilization of swing stage rigging, ensuring comprehensive access for all facets of the restoration work. This initiative not only revitalized the aesthetic appeal of the Beggs Building but also addressed structural concerns, breathing new life into this architectural gem.