The Habitat Company
400 East Randolph Condominium
Berglund was enlisted for the renovation project at the 400 E. Randolph Condominium, with a specific emphasis on upgrading the 7th floor.

The 400 E. Randolph Condominium, a prominent element of the emerging East Side neighborhood, boasts a captivating history, including its role as a filming location for two significant movies. Designed by Hirschfeld, Pawlan, & Reinheimer and erected in 1963, this residential complex comprises Studio, One Bedroom, and Two Bedroom condominiums. Berglund Construction was enlisted to execute comprehensive MEP modernizations, focusing on the 7th floor.

The scope of work encompassed a range of activities, including precision demolition, mechanical and electrical system upgrades, plumbing enhancements, flooring installations, tile work, meticulous millwork, painting, as well as the installation of new storefronts and glazing. The project entailed a systematic overhaul of all existing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, elevating them to contemporary standards. To facilitate precision coordination among the MEP trades, laser scanning was employed to capture as-built conditions as demolition progressed. This strategic approach exemplified Berglund Construction's commitment to delivering professional and integrated solutions while preserving the structural heritage of this iconic building.