Trevi Square Condominium Association
1439 S. Michigan Avenue
Berglund managed a detailed restoration at Trevi Squares Condominium, including masonry and parapet repairs, ensuring minimal resident disruption.

Project Overview

Berglund was entrusted with the repair and restoration of multiple projects at Trevi Squares Condominium. The scope of work involved facade restoration, which included repairs to brick masonry and limestone, as well as parapet reconstruction. Additional tasks involved replacing window sealants, repairing lintels, and painting steel surfaces. This work was carried out in an occupied condominium, necessitating careful coordination regarding the use of balconies, access to the building, and the mitigation of noise impacts. The parapet repairs involved the removal of heavy coping units weighing 1,500 pounds, the reconstruction of arched masonry, and the repair of flashing. Furthermore, the lintel repairs comprised jack arch repairs alongside the installation of new flashing.