100 East Huron
100 East Huron Facade Repairs & Maintenance
For about two decades, Berglund Construction has maintained the façade of the 49-story 100 E Huron building, providing expert concrete repair and sealing services, ensuring the structure’s integrity.

Project Overview

The 49-story building at 100 E Huron, constructed in 1991, houses 204 condominiums. Situated at the intersection of Huron and Rush, just steps away from the well-known Magnificent Mile.

For nearly two decades, Berglund Construction has played a pivotal role in maintaining the facade of this building. Our range of services includes concrete repairs, patching, painting, routing and sealing cracks, and performing injection work. To access various parts of the building's exterior, we've employed swing stages. This long-standing collaboration with the building's owners has resulted in numerous successful projects, underscoring our commitment to quality and sustained care of the property.