Women in Construction Week 2022

Berglund Construction celebrates Women in Construction Week by highlighting a few of the remarkable women at Berglund.

Dee is relatively new to the construction industry and has quickly become an integral part of our Creative Services Team. She is dedicated to helping design, write, and create custom proposal responses for our seven office locations. When asked about her experience so far in the industry, Dee said, "I have enjoyed learning about construction through this role and it's been exciting to see how women are impacting all facets of the industry, both in the office and in the field."

Elise is on Berglund's restoration and preservation team providing support to our clients and field staff. Her role requires stellar attention to detail along with planning and scheduling expertise. Elise credits her success in the industry to having great female mentors in Lauren Henry, Sarah Horton, and Toni Graham.

Sarah’s contributions to our Restoration Division are truly unmatched. She is responsible for ensuring the integrity of features on our historical preservation projects. Sarah is passionate about preserving our cultural and architectural heritage, and believes it's important for women to be included in that narrative.

Sabrina is a laborer by trade and has been working in the field for eight years. She performs onsite activities for many of our clients in various industries. Additionally, she possess numerous certifications and is equipped to self-perform several divisions of work. She is an active member of our diversity, equity, and inclusion committee, WE-DIG, where she works to inspire other women to obtain positions in field roles.