Jack Tribbia, president of Restoration Division, named Landmarks Illinois Influencer

Landmarks Illinois named Jack Tribbia, president of Berglund's Restoration Division, to its list of 20 Landmarks Illinois Influencers. This honor coincided with the group celebrating its 50th anniversary on Thursday night during a virtual gala.

According to Landmark Illinois, Jack earned this honor because of the "profound impact" he has made on the organization and its historic preservation movement:

Jack Tribbia joined the Landmarks Illinois Board of Directors in 2009 and quickly established himself as a go-to resource for the organization’s advocacy and easements staff. His generosity is shown through the countless hours he donates to Landmarks Illinois by conducting free building assessments, a tool that sets the organization apart as a national leader. He chairs the Landmarks Illinois Preservation Fund and Easements Committee, helping navigate complex construction issues that continue to protect the organization’s 539 easement properties. Jack also engages his industry by volunteering with Landmarks Illinois’ Real Estate and Building Industries Council and mentoring many young professionals on the Skyline Councila. He has coordinated and hosted group tours of significant projects at historic places to help educate and raise interest in preservation. He has helped forge a strong relationship between Landmarks Illinois and Union Local/52/21, where he is a long-standing member. His employer, Berglund Construction, has been recognized with several Landmarks Illinois Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Preservation Awards and was honored as a 2018 Corporate Legendary Landmark in large part through Jack’s preservation leadership, including his award-winning work on easement property Unity Temple in Oak Park.

Congratulations, Jack!