Berglund’s 2016 Singles Ping Pong Champion

Spin conquered speed as a new champion was crowned in Berglund's annual Ping Pong Championship Tournament.

By a margin of three games to one, Asst. Project Manager Paul Laurinaitis, known for serves that spin more than a SoulCycle class, defeated Company President Fred Berglund, whose serves hit table corners with the speed and accuracy of a sniper.

The final match was the culmination of a single-elimination tournament that saw 12 Berglund employees pick up their paddles in hopes of achieving office greatness. In addition to the finalists, the participants included Kris Gorospe, Brian Vollman, Malcolm Joseph, Chad Todhunter, Anthony Rosignolo, Braxton Stephan, Jeff Berglund, Ted Reichert, Andre Pintauro and Julia Randles.

We caught up with Laurinaitis, the new champion, after the match:

Q: How did it feel to win the Ping Pong Tournament Championship?

A: It felt great. It was a hard fought match with every game being close. I was able to catch a few breaks late in the game to take the championship.

Q: What did you do to celebrate?

A: I spent the weekend with my friends and family celebrating the big win.

Q: How will you prepare to repeat next year?

A: I will keep practicing during lunch hours and make sure to keep on improving the weak parts of my game.

Q: What was the secret to your success this year?

A: By staying consistent I was able to secure the #1 seed in the tournament, which helped with some of the matchups. Also, I was able to play my game and not over do it and attack my opponents weaknesses.