Berglund Wraps Up Riverside School Projects

As construction manager-at risk, Berglund oversaw successful projects at four different schools for the Riverside School District, which all hit their scheduled completion milestones this month.

The projects began in October of 2019 with Berglund’s preconstruction services and concluded in September of 2020 after a highly productive summer of construction. The work totaled $16.2 million between the four schools, which occurred mostly within a four-month period.

At Ames Elementary School, the program included the construction of a 16,000 SF, two-story addition and renovations to 3,850 SF of existing school space and site. The addition provided two new large classrooms, a wing for early learners with three classrooms for pre-kindergarten, a new library, a multipurpose room that accommodates lunch, two learning hubs, a sensory room, a speech pathologist office, and an English language learning classroom. The renovations include remodeled art and music rooms, and the site work included the installation of a new playground.

At Blythe Elementary School, our scope of work required constructing a 450 SF addition and renovating 2400 SF of the existing school space and site. The addition houses a new classroom in the back of the school, and the renovation included a new secure entry vestibule in front.

At Central Elementary School, we built a 1,035 SF addition and renovated 9,405 SF of existing school space and site. This work included building a secure entrance vestibule and a wheelchair accessible ramp to the lower level entrance. The renovations included turning district offices into a multipurpose room that will be used for lunch. We also added an elevator to an enclosed courtyard at the school. For this, we used a mobile tower crane to bring the needed material and equipment in.

And at Hollywood Elementary School, we constructed a 1,400 SF addition and renovated 1,300 SF of existing school space and site. The project added a new multipurpose room with a glass wall to the back of the school, which can be used for lunch, music classes, and indoor recess. The renovation moved the school office closer to the main entrance.

The project is already garnering positive reviews from users.

“I love the new addition to Ames,” Ames Principal Todd Gierman told the Riverside – Brookfield Landmark. “These spaces were designed with 21st century learners in mind and are very inviting to students.”