Berglund bolsters Concrete Restoration Team

Berglund bolsters Concrete Restoration Team

We are thrilled to announce a pivotal addition to the Berglund Construction family – Alex Fiebig! With a robust background in concrete restoration, Alex brings a wealth of expertise and experience that will further elevate our position as the premier building restoration and construction management company in the Midwest.

Meet Alex Fiebig: Elevating Concrete Restoration Excellence

Alex Fiebig joins us with an impressive track record in concrete restoration, having successfully managed and executed numerous high-profile projects across the nation. He brings a deep-rooted understanding of the complexities involved in restoring concrete facades and structures.

A Valuable Asset to Owners and Architects

Alex's expertise makes him an invaluable asset to project owners and architects venturing into challenging concrete restoration projects. His insights and skills help guide teams through the intricate process of rejuvenating concrete elements, ensuring both the preservation of historical aesthetics and the enhancement of structural integrity.

Post-Tension Repair: A New Dimension in Our Services

One of the exciting aspects of Alex's background is his proficiency in post-tension repair, a service that Berglund Construction is now proud to offer. With Alex's guidance, we are poised to lead as an innovator in this specialized area.

Leading the Way Forward

In his new role at Berglund Construction, Alex will spearhead the growth of our Concrete Restoration Division, taking charge of a dedicated team. His leadership will build upon our portfolio of significant projects, propelling our concrete restoration efforts to new heights.

We're confident that Alex's passion for excellence and unwavering commitment to quality align perfectly with Berglund Construction's core values. With him on board, we're geared up to deliver even more exceptional results for our clients and partners.

Join us in welcoming Alex Fiebig to the Berglund Construction team!