3rd Annual Berglund Construction Ping Pong Competition

And the winner is …

Berglund Construction’s downtown office recently held its second annual ping-pong competition. In the final match, the tournament came down to Project Manager Paul Laurinaitis, the reigning champion, and BIM Manager Anthony Rosignolo. Anthony took the first two games before Paul came back to win the third. In the end, the reigning champion was dethroned as Anthony emerged victorious. Anthony contributes his age and treachery to his success in the final game. He plans on coming back next year to defend his title. He will prepare by working out with P90X, staying hydrated and watching Forrest Gump.

Congratulations, Anthony!

And thank you to all who participated in the second annual Berglund Construction ping-pong competition:

  1. Paul Laurinaitis
  2. Fred Berglund
  3. Anthony Rosignolo
  4. Ted Reichert
  5. Jeff Berglund
  6. Jake Patz
  7. Chad Todhunter
  8. Tim Karl
  9. Braxton Stephan
  10. Brian Vollman
  11. JR Domalewski