Berglund is dedicated to protecting its employees, its subcontractors, the general public, and the environment from potential hazards during construction. By implementing a comprehensive and effective Safety Program, we minimize the risk of incidences on our job sites while continuing to provide quality services. Every Owner should be assured that daily construction activities are secure and all safety concerns are adequately evaluated and managed throughout the construction process.
Berglund Prides Itself on Its Comprehensive Approach to Safety

We are committed to achieving a zero-incident safety culture, reducing liability and ensuring greater productivity on the job.

Berglund Standards

Our Safety Program aims to follow the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines, which were developed to achieve an accident-free workplace. We maintain a strict compliance policy in which all employees must follow these safety procedures and are held accountable if they fail to do so.

Experience Modification Rate

EMR is the standard of jobsite safety. It is a number used by insurance companies to gauge both past cost of injuries and future chances of risk. Berglund’s EMR is .52, which is nearly 50% better than the industry average of 1.0.

Client Benefits

Berglund's extensive approach to safety and strict compliance guidelines truly differentiates our contract value for a project. It also provides cost savings to the Owner through minimal medical costs from injuries on the jobsite, reduced premiums for workers' compensation benefits, and reduced liability and property insurance. Furthermore, our dedication to safety can reduce various indirect costs, such as the costs associated with reduced productivity, delays in product schedules, additional administrative time, and damage to equipment.

Employee Training

Berglund requires all new employees to attend an indoctrination program and complete a drug screening. All employees are held responsible for knowing and following Berglund's safety policies and procedures. Additionally, Berglund boasts more than 200 employees who have received OSHA 30 hour training, CPR training, and blood-borne pathogen training.

Project Safety Plans

Berglund works to develop a project-specific plan that ensures we protect those who may be in contact with our work and appropriately addresses possible disturbances and hazards. Berglund holds exhaustive internal meeting with key personnel to review all safety hazards prior to compiling our safety plan.

Management of Safety

Berglund stresses that all employees and subcontractors have the necessary certification and training to competently perform their daily tasks. The Project Management team is responsible for monitoring compliance, responding to conditions that arise, and filling out weekly site safety review cards, which are sent to the safety director for review.

Hazard Communication Program

Berglund's HCP complies with the OSHA Hazard Communication Law CFR 1926.59 and provides guidelines for handling hazardous materials and substances in a safe manner. Berglund employees are trained to identify what hazardous materials are present on every job site, use and recognize appropriate labels for the substances, wear the correct personal protection equipment, and know proper emergency precautions. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) that describe special precautions and controls for each substance are kept onsite and available to every employee.

Berglund's detailed HCP further exemplifies our commitment to safety for not only our own employees but for all persons who come in close proximity to our construction sites. We are confident that our employees are taking the necessary steps to protect themselves and the public from hazardous substances, and our clients can be sure that persons who come to the jobsite will be safe and secure.

Public Safety

Berglund take the necessary steps to protect the general public from potential safety hazards and disturbances on and around our construction sites. From clearly marking and maintaining pedestrian traffic areas to working with law enforcement agencies to maintain security and respond to emergencies, Berglund's management team has knowledge and experience in addressing risks to the public.

Subconstractor Site Specific Safety Plans

Berglund requires all subcontractors to submit for review safety plans that address the specific tasks required to complete the project.

Safety Review with Owner

At weekly owner’s meetings, Berglund will review site safety with you to ensure any concerns are addressed.

Daily Safety Huddles

Superintendents conduct daily on site safety huddles to identify any hazards associated with the day’s work.

Site-Specific Training

Site-specific training continues throughout the construction process. Daily and weekly safety meetings are held with the employees on each jobsite where employees bring attention to or give suggestions concerning safety matters.

Site-Specific Safety Plans

Berglund recongnizes that different sites experience different hazards, and our site-specific safety plans aim to outline possible hazards and the subsequent responses in a cost-and time-efficient method. Previous site-specific plans addressed marking and maintaining traffic and pedestrian routes during construction, now and ice removal during winter, reducing the possibility of objects falling, restricting public access to the jobsite efficiently, protection from exposure to excessive noises, smells, or substances, responding to bomb threats or other threatened violence, and controlling public activity during protests or large gatherings.