Berglund can positively influence a project’s final outcome through early, proactive involvement in project planning. Our Preconstruction services go beyond estimates and schedules. Important building details are developed long before construction begins on a facility.
Berglund differentiates ourselves with outstanding preconstruction services that lead to a high level of cost control.

Listen And Learn

We actively seek opportunities to understand project goals. Whether attending user group meetings or design presentations, we enjoy being present. Hearing the goals and objectives related to form and function brings clarity to our efforts.


As the design and space planning proceed, we can offer useful systems and constructability analysis. Early trade involvement and/or design assist procurement may also contribute to a more streamline preconstruction process.


We apply 100+ years building experience to your project.

Historically-Proven Cost

From our database of similar work, we are able to provide comparable metrics to aid in material and systems selections.

Project Benchmarking

We provide analysis of project specific costs in relation to similar work. This analysis is helpful in targeting cost saving strategies.

Construction Phase Sequencing

We ensure existing facilities are fully operational during construction.

Detailed Budgets

We provide preconstruction services for many different market sectors from Government projects to healthcare upgrades to commercial repositioning of office buildings. In order to assist the client and prioritize needs as well as help with decisions making, we provide a comprehensive breakdown of project costs.

Quantity Surveys

Clearly illustrate material designations while providing a tool for communication during budget reviews.

Site Logistics Planning

Expect minimal disruption to daily events during construction.