The collaborative creation of intelligent, three-dimensional, virtual models that are used by the entire project team to better understand the design, construction and operation of the project.
Using BIM allows our clients to look into the future and see what will actually be constructed in the form of a 3D Model.

This results in enhanced visualization, improved design and construction coordination, improved information and workflow for all stakeholders.

Cutting Edge Technology

Today's building technology has provided significant advancement in efficiency, which has come with a corresponding significant increase in complexity. The implementation of these cutting edge systems requires advanced planning for success.

Modeling Team

Berglund's experienced modeling department, in close collaboration with the design team, produce lean and well-organized mechanical plants. This allows for a modern and comfortable building while maximizing revenue generating space.

BIM Solutions

Berglund is able to increase peformance and deliver our client's project at a reduced cost.

There is an explosion of new technology – including cloud computing and mobile access – helping to change the way we work and giving us greater access to ever growing amounts of data. Powerful computing capability is making analysis possible earlier, setting expectations for realistic visualizations, and creating even more data to manage.  

Performance And Cost Benefits

  • More accurately communicate design intent to support efficient prefabrication strategies.
  • Optimize construction and demolition sequencing with 4D simulation
  • Collaborate across design teams more productively with intelligent models that help to keep all project stakeholders on the same page.
  • With BIM, green building projects can be delivered on schedule, with less waste and reduced construction costs.

“ When we face maintenance issues, we spend more than 50% of time looking for product information. If it is instantly available in As-Built model, it will be tremendous savings to my staff and my company.”  GSA - General Services Administration Region 5