Agency CM
The architect and the construction manager each act as the owner’s agent in the Agency CM delivery method. Here, the trade contracts are held by the owner rather than the construction manager. With the Agency CM approach, the owner is responsible for procuring all trade contracts for the construction phase, which the CM can coordinate.

Berglund Construction has established the following professional Agency Construction Management goals for our Clients:


  • Have the Construction Team work with the Architect to meet all your project goals.
  • Build collaboration between yourself (the Owner), Architect and Construction Manager.


  • Have the Construction Team working with yourself and the Architect to make concise early design decisions about the project.
  • Provide value analysis ideas such as structural and mechanical systems. Together we can help you make the best informed decision.


  • Eliminate the risk of having your project over budget after Bid Day and having to go back and redesign and rebid, costing valuable time.
  • Berglund will provide multiple detailed project budgets throughout the entire design period so that you are assured of hitting your mark on bid day.


  • Wrap up your project quickly by not having to negotiate over hanging change orders, incomplete punch lists or missing close out documents.
  • Berglund’s Project Manager and Superintendent are dedicated to your project until you are satisfied.


  • Managing a construction project should not be an additional job for the Owner. You have your “real” job.
  • Berglund will be your advisor and expeditor on all matters related to this project.

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