How can you be certain that all of the work involved in a project is as good as it appears on the surface? Berglund has a program which ensures that from foundation to roof, the product we are handing over is the high quality building you expect.
Quality is not a result, it is an on-going commitment to excellence and craftsmanship beyond the jobsite.

Subcontractor Start-Up Meetings

At least two weeks before a subcontractor begins on site work, Berglund arranges a start-up meeting to go over any quality issues that Berglund or the subcontractor has identified. Berglund also requires subcontractors to submit site specific quality plans that detail how they will ensure their work is done with quality in mind.

Field Deficiency Log

When a quality deficiency is identified, Berglund’s log tracks the amount of time it takes to repair it. Subcontractors immediately know they are on the clock when the log is distributed to them.

First Work-In-Place Acceptance

Prior to the installation of a product, Berglund hosts a meeting with the owner, architect, engineer and product manufacturer to ensure the installation is done correctly. This meeting allows all parties to sign-off on the work and sets the standard for the entire scope.

Internal Quality Audits

Berglund maintains an internal quality coalition that randomly audits its jobsites to ensure the site is complying with the company program.

On-Going Daily Checklists

Berglund’s on site leadership completes daily quality checklists that cover specific requirements for the installation of a range of products. Quality is always on our management team’s minds.

100% Material Verification

Berglund checks all material that comes to the jobsite against the approved submitted products. No material that has not gone through the process of approval will be installed on a Berglund project.

Quality Schedule

When Berglund puts its project schedules together, important quality tasks are strategically placed alongside critical construction items.

Pre-Punch Checklist

Before the architect completes his or her punchlist, Berglund takes the proactive step of compiling our own. This ensures any final issues are corrected in a timely fashion.